The Les Mills 21-Day Challenge Diet: Days 4-5

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Day 4 (Thursday)- First thought at the sound of my alarm: Oh god, this isn’t going to be good.  My body is so sore from the past two days and not recovering properly, I got a less than average good night’s sleep, and it’s BodyAttack day again.  If I nearly fainted off of my bike after 18 minutes yesterday, how was I going to do jumping around like a banshee for an hour?  Well, I told the class what I was up to – some seemed curious (though no one asked any more questions when I said fruit was not even allowed), some gave me a pity look, and there were a lot of raised eyebrows at even the word “diet” coming out of my mouth.  I explained the sugar cravings and not wanting to have those.  I have to explain that to myself on an hourly basis now to encourage my continued participation. 

Class was So Hard. 

I think even than the very first BodyAttack class I taught by myself (which if anyone knows is the hardest because you aren’t cardiovascularly capable of doing the class and talking simultaneously for an hour yet).  My legs felt like lead at the first hamcurl.  My quads screamed bloody murder on the first plyo lunge.  And I taught part of track 9 from the floor, coaching the best I could to my class while being unable to do it myself.  I felt out of shape.  I felt unfit.  I felt very disappointed in my body.  The class is always so extremely supportive though, so I told them we would revisit how it’s going next week and hopefully I won’t still feel this way. 

Back at the office today, I got some reassurance from my office neighbor, Laura, that she does a sugar-buster type diet 2-3 times a year, her diet is only 14 days, and the first 7 are the hardest.  At the end of two weeks she feels so much better.  She also reassured me that after all this dedication, once I eventually DO have a cookie, I won’t spiral out of control into sugar hell, and gave me two bags of her apple cinnamon tea, which I have to say taste amazing right now.  Gonna buy me some.  I got to eat out for the first time tonight on this diet – stuck to the Panera Cobb salad minus the cheese and dressing.  Of course no baguette OR apple OR chips…are you out of your mind?  Also, notice my daily descriptions are getting longer?  The more distress I’m in the more vocal I become.

Day 5 (Friday)- Since I ate a little later last night (~8:30 instead of 7) and maybe a little more calories from the restaurant salad than I would have had at home and perhaps also contributing was my sheer exhaustion, I finally slept through the night!  Hallelujah!  I taught RPM60 this morning at 6am and didn’t feel light headed, forgot to bring my shake with me to the gym, but was fine until I got home.  Drank it because I was supposed to, not because I was starving for it.  THAT is a different feeling from previous days.  Am I finally settling into this diet, or was it just the influx of calories from last night?  I guess we will have to see if it is a pattern. 

Had some friends over for dinner and they were pleased to share in the diet foods with a nice large portion of steak, salad, and bacon onion brussel sprouts.  I made homemade baked potato fries for them as well so as to not subject them to a carb free meal.  I considered having some myself just to break this cycle of low energy and prepare me for my BodyPump class the next day, but once I ate the definitely-larger-than-both-of-my-palms-sized steak, I felt extremely full (full is not the same as satisfied, by the way) and did not want any more food.  I slept relatively well again, thank you grande steak!


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