The Les Mills 21-Day Challenge Diet: Days 6-8

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Day 6 (Saturday)– I have been dreading this day all week.  The day one might laze about the house, have a decadent breakfast that involves syrup of some kind, drink a fabulous cup of sweet creamy coffee, and snack on various goodies throughout the day. 

Instead, my alarm went off at 6:30 so I could drink my protein shake exactly 2 hours before I taught Pump at 8:30.  I tried to go back to sleep after forcing it down, but just laid there until my second alarm went off at 7:30.  At least I wasn’t starving during my workout today. 

To avoid thinking about food all day, I busied myself cleaning up the house, making a version of sugar-free pulled pork BBQ in the crock pot, and doing my grocery shopping for the week.  Guess where?  Costco.  Never in my life have I needed to buy mass quantities of avocados. 

The pork ended up tasting like heaven.  This will absolutely become a staple of the next two weeks.  Served with the almond slaw, it was a proper picnic meal. 

And here is where I finally exited the strictness of the 21-day regime.  In knowing tomorrow is BodyAttack day, and remembering how I felt on Thursday, my exception to this diet has been to eat a handful of the leftover potato fries from last night.  They were delicious.  But, I ate them very last and knew that I didn’t need them to feel full.  Fuel for the intense workout.  Here’s hoping I don’t have to coach from the floor.

Day 7 (Sunday)– Armed with a protein shake already in my belly two hours before class, BodyAttack was not as atrocious as it was last Thursday.  I still felt very weak, but did all of the moves with the class (mic-less no less!) 

My real concern was how I would handle Easter brunch and the rest of the day on this diet.  Brunch wasn’t a total disaster.  I gave myself permission before to order the most reasonable thing on the menu, even if it wasn’t perfectly within the confines of the diet.  However, found that the restaurant was very accommodating and aside from them forgetting to leave off the goat cheese on my egg white spinach omelette (which I dutifully scraped off to the side of my plate), I stayed right on target. 

More of the BBQ pork and almond slaw for lunch and a huge salad with pulled rotisserie chicken for dinner.  I craved every second in between each meal and could think of nothing other than how miserable I was on Easter and where oh where was my freakin Cadbury??  I would classify this day as the hardest yet on the diet and I was left thinking when will this ever get easier?

Day 8 (Monday)– Back to work, thank goodness!  When on a diet, the office is the best place to be.  Lots of distractions.  And the only food available to you is what you brought with you. 

Except that dozen krispy kremes sitting in the kitchen some fool brought in to be nice.  Grrrrrrr. 

Don’t you worry, I’m not blowing this thing on a krispy kreme.  I’m more of an icing-filled, chocolate frosted with sprinkles kind of girl.  So, if I were to cheat, I would just go all the way

Now, if someone were to pop a bag of popcorn or toaster-oven a piece of pizza, I might leap at them and be dragged down the hallway on their pant leg.  Is that progress???  I would consider accosting someone for a savory instead of a sweet?  I think so!  I will take credit for just about anything at this point.


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