The Les Mills 21-Day Challenge Diet: Days 9-11

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Day 9 (Tuesday)- Day 9, also known as The Day I Cheated

But really, let’s take a look at the facts.  I’ve been doing this thing for over a week.  I have the lowest energy of my adult life.  I have not lost any weight since last Wednesday (actually I am up ½lb).  I couldn’t get my favorite rose gold cocktail ring on my middle finger this morning – it Would. Not. Go. On.  Why are my fingers so swollen??  I started my period (hello fetal position!) //sorry gentlemen – it’s just the facts of life// and am feeling so very low and depressed due to all of the above – and probably my brain is chemically warped because of the cycle based hormones – a cheat is practically inevitable. 

I was good all day, despite my resentfulness.  And after a no-dressing-no-cheese-chopped-Panera-salad and a shopping trip to get my attitude adjusted in the upright and locked position, I strolled right into Nordstrom, ordered my absolute favorite Caramel Gold Truffle (which is the size of a golf ball, btw) and savored every delicious molecule. 

I thought I would feel guilty.  But I don’t

I also thought it would taste 1000 times better than the same truffle would have just 9 days ago before The Great 2013 Sugar Prohibition.  But it didn’t

It tasted amazing, but it was just as amazing as it normally is.  Am I going to be totally immune to the benefits of a sugar detox?  Are there actually people out there that this doesn’t work for?

Day 10 (Wednesday)- Nothing to report, really, except that I can get my cocktail ring on my finger again so whatever swelling/bloating was happening has gone down.  Still not down any weight, still feeling tired.  Brussel sprouts and grilled pork chops for dinner were delicious.  I could have eaten 5 pork chops.  But I only ate one.  Dessert was a glass of unsweetened almond milk to cut the brussel sprouty aftertaste in my mouth.

Day 11 (Thursday)- BodyAttack was maybe 10% less brutal than last week.  I had a hot playlist though so I could have just psyched myself up for the extra energy.  But, still pushing the cardio to failure mid-track-9 is a humbling thing.  My poor body doesn’t know what to make of this nonsense.  My novel thought for the day was that since I will be out of town this weekend, next Thursday is the only other BodyAttack class I will have to teach while on this diet.  Hurray!


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