The Les Mills 21-Day Challenge Diet: Day 20?

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Day 20 (Saturday)- Day what?? 

Housewarming party day!!  Day 1 off diet! 

I’m relieved to be out of the mindset of “you can’t have that…  you can’t have anything…” and almost at once, as though it were magic, when I don’t feel so constrained on a diet, I can very easily make the choice to do good for myself. 

Until confronted with cake. 

But I’m still talking about the morning.  Saturday morning.  Guess what I eat?  My bland almond milk and protein shake.  And, I threw in 2 strawberries to delight myself.  I thought the strawberries would make the shake taste ridiculously good after nearly 3 weeks of being in that tasteless universe.  But, the shake shockingly tasted like its normal tasteless self- with some seeds in it.  Great!!  I really anticipated that strawberries would taste like heaven opening up and raining down a thundershower of sweetness.  Oh dear. 

Next up, a foray into my pre-diet essentials: the starbucks nonfat latte.  Usually with 4 splendas in it.  It was delicious, even with only 2 splendas so there’s that.  Belly is feeling fine, no weird reaction to dairy.  Yay. 

Picked up the food for the party – a smattering of tasty greek food from my fine friends at Plaka Grill, plus about 10 lbs of baklava from Yaz bakery.  I can be good and eat greek salad and meat skewers, followed by several samplings of baklava to reward myself for such well-behaved consumption. 

Do you like how I’m totally unconcerned about what my guests will eat?  The food is all about ME, especially today! 

Speaking of which, it was SO good, it all got got


I’m not ashamed to say that out of the 30 Bifteki meatballs, I ate 8 of them.  That’s more than 25%.  I’d rather say that I very generously left 75% of the meatballs for my guests.  I’m not even going to document how much baklava and prosecco infused punch I had.  But, I will conclude that all the sugar in those treats didn’t give me any indigestion. 

After the party, and some serious clean-up, some friends were still hanging around so we went to Artie’s for a late evening dinner.  The fire cracker shrimp didn’t sit too well.  The only thing I can think of that’s in there that I would be sensitive to is the fried-ness of it.  Oil.  Only god knows what kind they use.  But all in all, it was a great day and I very much enjoyed indulging in my favorites with my amazing family and friends.


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