#reverb13 // Victory Laps: What was your biggest accomplishment of 2013?

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Wow a lot of amazing things happened this year.  But since accomplishment segregates those happenings into things that I initiated, influenced, and worked hard at versus things that simply fell into my lap, I would have to say that buying my first house and more importantly, turning that house into a home, would be the biggest one.

I’ve owned property before- a condominium just over 1,000 square feet that I bought with my then-husband.  It was a great place- brand new, garage parking, high ceilings, great amenities, across from the metro.  I struggled to really know myself and have my own identity in that relationship, and because of that I had no opinions and deferred all decision making to my other half.  He was a good decision maker, don’t get me wrong.  But, I didn’t identify with anything there.  It didn’t represent me.  I didn’t even know who I was.

Fast forward.

In January, when G and I bought our house, that was the first time I really became a homeowner.  During that fast forward, I went through a lot of growing pains to discover myself.  Buying the house was scary in itself because of the huge investment, but because it was So Important for us as a couple- and as a family- I didn’t want this place to just be another place I lived.  I wanted to connect with it.  Be sentimental about it.  Love It.

So when we bought our rugs and our furniture and picked our paint colors and art, I really had to practice asking myself do I really like this?  Is this my taste?  G never lets me off the hook without giving my opinion.  And I’m glad she doesn’t because it makes me think.  It makes me grow.  I love our home that we have built together.  Collectively, it represents the intersection of our styles and personalities.  It’s us.  And when I come home to it each day, I feel accomplished. 



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