#reverb13 // Adventure: Did you go on an adventure in 2013? What sort?

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I’m a Sagittarius, so adventure is right up my alley.  We are the wanderers of the zodiac, always seeking knowledge, truth, and the meaning of life.  It takes adventures big and small to discover these illusive aspects of being.

The thing about adventure, like with beauty, is that it’s all in the eye of the beholder.  And I love that the question for today has a very important follow up question: What Sort?

Adventure could be great trips around this beautiful planet of ours.  G and I followed our love for fitness to Orlando in August for a Les Mills quarterly event followed directly by a side vacation to Miami beach, where we relaxed, got pampered, and you guessed it, worked out for a week at Canyon Ranch Spa.  We also visited some much missed friends in Texas last month.  As the picture may convey, we also worked out then as well.  It doesn’t follow us, we make it happen.

Texas Nov 2013

Adventure is also in the everyday.  This is the part that gets overlooked.  A lot.  The never ending discovery of yourself and your surroundings.

I have an adventure decorating the house for Christmas.  I’ve never decorated my tree, garlands, or mantle the same way twice.  I love to be creative, add some pretty baubles, use my old baubles in new ways, make it unique and representative of that year.

I have an adventure trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.  I love just dropping in a pinch or handful of a spice (the one that doesn’t show up anywhere in the recipe just to see what happens), like Rachael Ray does so nonchalantly on TV instead of fussing with measuring spoons.  It’s a creative outlet for me, and an adventure, like anything else.

So might the average onlooker see these simple things as adventures?  Of course not.  We all want to post incredible pictures of places our friends would all be jealous to visit, and make boastful statements about how we saw this show or climbed that mountain.  I do it too!  We’re consumed with the highlight reel.  And we overlook our every day adventures because they are dwarfed by the super fabulous places someone that we know is experiencing instead.

But all sorts of adventures make an impact on your life.  I choose to see the adventure in everything that I do every day.  I challenge you to, too.  And keep posting those super fabulous pictures, they give me great ideas for potential future experiences.


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