#reverb13 // Inspiration: What inspired you this year?

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I’m seeing a trend with my answers to reverb- and that is that I put a lot of emphasis and value on the small stuff.  The quiet moments, the everyday, the in between.

Inspiration is no different.  Sure, I definitely get inspired by all this news coverage of the amazing man Nelson Mandela was, and am totally in awe of the video of a war hero who lost all of his limbs and then ran a marathon with unconditional love and support of his wife and dog.  That type of inspiration is almost overwhelming to me.  I can feel nearly paralyzed by the immense weight of how I want to change the world and be a better person when I experience the emotions these situations evoke.

But for something to be truly inspiring, I think it needs to be actionable.  And for me, it has to be something a lot smaller and a little more personal.

I was inspired a month or so ago overhearing a phone conversation at my office end with “I love you, baby” when that person knows the whole floor can hear him.  This is a person that is not entirely personable from the moment you meet him- some might actually think he is a jerk on first glance.  But, hearing that made me feel a little differently about him.  It made me ask him about his day and he opened up and told me that his wife was recovering from a serious health issue and had never been so scared in his life.  And now, I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that there are hidden struggles in everyone’s lives and that I should be kind at all times, no matter what feeling I get from them.

I’ve been inspired recently by a friend of mine who has gone through a huge ordeal trying to get pregnant.  She and her husband have suffered three disappointments with IVF, the last one resulting in an emergency surgery.  I feel inspired by their love and support for one another, and their resiliency.  No matter what happens on the baby front, they will move forward together as a unit and be stronger than ever.  And now, I feel so grateful for the love and support in my own partnership, and give as much time and energy as I can to them to help them recover.

Inspiration in small doses spur on little actions that can make big differences.


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