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I love habits.  I have lots of them too.  Some good, some great, some not so good.  My need to be surprised less lends me to practice habitual behavior because the outcome of that behavior is very predictable and safe.  I am so habitual, in fact, that anything that deviates from the habit becomes a problem to solve and at times can paralyze me from action at all.

You mean the plan is changing?  But…  I had it all worked out in my head.  Now I have to start over.  Shit.

So why can’t I relax?  Why do I get so stuck?

By and large, my habits benefit me- health-wise, financially, professionally, and at home.  Everything is designed to give the maximum benefit and output in the most efficient possible way.  And unfortunately, I realize at times this inflexibility can be totally infuriating and draining when situations come up where those habits just don’t fit.

The best way to instigate change in behavior is to (duh duh duuuuh…) make a habit out of it.  Can I make a habit out of breaking my habits every once in awhile for the sake of practicing a new way?  So that I can be more agile in my decisions and actions outside of my sandbox?  I know I’m going all Inception on ya, but I really think that makes sense.

And if all that is just way over your head… then a habit I started this year and would like to continue next year is walking my sweet pup Levi around the hood, taking all different streets and discovering all the newly built houses and helping the old folks out with their trash cans.  Hooray for the small things!

Levi Walk


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