#reverb13 // Wear it out

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If you are reading this and know me at all, when asked: What is the one thing that Kim wears 24/7? You already know the answer.  And if you don’t know me, try not to judge me LOL.

Since about 2007, I have established and fostered a relationship with my Lululemon Athletica clothing.  Going into my 7th year of buying basically everything the company has to offer in every flattering color, I’m still not sick of it.  I am not a fan of the way the recent leadership of the company has degraded women, but alas, it is not enough for me to put my principals in front of my need.

I justify this very expensive addiction in a few important ways.

A.  The clothes fit my body and make me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.  I can wear their clothes around the house, working in the yard, to the gym, and most importantly, out to run errands, grab brunch, go shopping, and I even pull off a piece here and there at work and fancy events.  Yes, I do indeed.  There is no other line of clothing that I can say the same thing about.  Anywhere.  For any price.  The multitasking of this clothing is phenomenal.

B.  I get a small but helpful discount because I am an instructor.  In the dollar signs I spend at this store, the discount adds up to a pretty decent amount that I am very grateful to receive.  If they had a frequent buyers club or anything like that I would seriously be in trouble.  Or, maybe they would seriously be in trouble.

C.  These clothes withstand the test of time.  Quality!!!  If I were to divide the purchase price per item by the number of times I wear the item, it would cost less per wear than any item that I got on sale with a coupon at Ann Taylor or Gap or Where Ever.  I still have some items from 2007.  Wash, Wear, Wash, Wear.  Why don’t I have ALL of the clothes that I’ve purchased since 2007 then, you ask?  Well, I have shrunk in size a bit since then, and I sweat like a maniac and have man-BO after class on those humid summer days and there is no fabric or detergent on earth that can repel that for 7 years.

D.  I did the math a few years ago and was happy to find out that the money that I make teaching classes at the gym covers my entire wardrobe from Lululemon, along with all of the expenses I incur from release kits, quarteries, etc, with still some income to spare to put towards vacations and such.  So, I’m breaking even people!  My day job pays the bills and all those other boring things.

So, in conclusion, while you may see this as frivolous and snobbish, I am still a very practical gal at heart.  My lulu stuff keeps me going, keeps me cool or warm, keeps me on-trend, suits my very sporty personal style, and keeps me motivated.  I can’t imagine a life without it!!!  And now you know where to get me gift cards to! 🙂




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