#reverb13 // Coincidence

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Coincidence and me, we don’t intersect often.  Because I am the ultimate planner, am extraordinarily logical, and most of the time unaware of my surroundings, I have either (a) not taken notice to coincidences that do happen or (b) have planned an event out so fully that whatever happens is not a coincidence, it was on purpose.

I like coincidences, they are very interesting and thought provoking.  I think the times that I do come across a coincidence it comes to me in the form of dejavu- like anything that happens without apparent explanation is supernatural.  Or, I can get caught in the “meaning of the universe” trap where even the thought of human’s existence on Earth (and Earth itself) is a mere coincidence of some cosmic disturbance.

So rather than get caught in the two extremes of every little thing has meaning and should be analyzed to death or the overwhelming sensation that we are such a small spec in the grand universe that our lives hold no purpose at all, I’d rather sit happily in the middle and be blissfully unaware.  This is a place I can just be happy and grateful for what I have, no matter the reason why I have it.


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