#reverb13 // The Road Ahead

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2013 wasn’t the year that we had planned in terms of races and rides.  Like any other year, we signed up for a set of organized road rides including the NYC 5 Boroughs Tour in May, the Civil War Century in September, and the Backroads Century (an annual favorite) in October.  We did exactly zero of them.

In early 2013, G had surgery on her shoulder, and what we researched to be a 6-8 week recovery ended up being more like a 6 month recovery.  And on the upswing of her shoulder recovery, I was plagued with tendonitis in my left wrist which I tried to fight my way through but after a steroid shot and a long struggle to get it back to normal, I am ready to listen to my doctor, and my body.  I can’t have this injury into my 2014 riding season.

G and I met and fell in love because of this great sport that is cycling.  So, not having it as part of our season was really tough on us.  If we didn’t have it, would we still be ok?  Well, of course!  But it’s easy to become insecure when things go quite outside the norm.  We’ve proven to ourselves and each other that cycling is a great thing, and it brought us together, but what keeps us together is our shared interest in many different things in life (in particular, each other!)

For 2014, we are looking forward to getting back on our road bikes in a very serious way.  Training on some of the big bad hills in Middleburg, The Plains, Gainesville, and Western Maryland like we did the first year that we rode together and trained for the Philly Livestrong century.  It leaves no room at all for injury.

So far, we’re signed up for the 108 mile Tour de Cure which is sponsored by my company this year, and are planning to coordinate with some of our friends who have some other races in mind for later in the summer.  Our road ahead looks a lot like recovery and rehabilitation until the ground thaws for our tires to meet the pavement.

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