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What a great question to ask on Christmas.  What do you want?

First of all… Merry Christmas!  It’s the most oxymoronic time of year where we are all so thankful for everything we have, but give each other copious amounts of new stuff anyways.  Hilarious!!!

No, but really, this is my most favorite time of year.  The decorating, the baking, spending time with those we love most.  The gift giving makes me anxious because I never know what to get.  And even if I nail it on the head, I still think is it enough?

The thing that I covet the most is time.  More time for myself.  More time to devote to my loved ones.  More of my friends and family’s time to spend together and with me.  More time to sleep.  More time to live.

It’s not something you can buy or wrap up and give in a box.  If you asked G what my biggest demand of her is, I bet she would tell you that it’s her time and attention.  I require so much of it.  Time is my favorite thing.

I would love to devote more of my time to people in need and great causes next year.  Spend less time in front of the TV/computer/phone and do something that will project me toward my goals.  Take some time to appreciate all of the little things.  Because doing that somehow slows time down.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for gift ideas, you can either invent a time machine or you can come and hang out with me for a few hours.  I’d be thrilled to have either.


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