#reverb13 // Five Moments

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I love pictures because they make time stand still.  My memory is not ironclad so I need a little help sometimes remembering exactly what happened where and when and with whom.  When I become reflective on my year, the first thing I do is whip out my trusty phone and scroll through all of the great pictures that I’ve taken or been sent.  But the five best moments of 2013 I didn’t need a scroll through to remember, they are here shared with the picture that triggers a smile.

  1. The night G & I settled on our house we couldn’t bear to not be in it.  So, without any of our stuff officially moved yet, we blew up the air mattress and camped out in the living room in front of the fireplace with Levi for the night.
    Levi fireplace
  2. For G’s birthday, we went to the Outer Banks with Mindy and Pey, a very relaxing trip with lots of beach time, girl time, a giant cookie cake, and some putt putt.  We didn’t know this would be our last trip to the Outer Banks with them as they moved to Texas this fall- we’ll have to pick somewhere else to meet next time!  Cabo? Disney?  Let’s go girls!
    Beach girls
  3. The day I proposed to G
    Kim and Ginny Engagement
  4. Our trip to Florida to do what we do best, see O kick some ass on stage, and relax at Canyon Ranch for a week.  Aaahhhhhh
    Rooster Ride
  5. And since there are two brides, there are two proposals.  This was an amazing day at Hollin Farm.
    Engagement Oct

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