#reverb13 // Make A List

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I adore lists.  And I love checking things off.  It’s the only way I can be sure that things will get done, because I’m forgetful, and it makes me feel accomplished as things get marked off.  I use the Notes and Reminders apps on my iPhone regularly, and I absolutely could not live without Post-It notes.

Looking through my various electronic lists, I see the following:

  • Wedding Guests
  • Wedding To-Do
  • Thanksgiving Dinner (can be deleted!)
  • Names of Gym Members (yes, I write them down it helps me remember- they are organized by class and club)
  • Weekly Menu – This list will soon be modified to include new recipes from the new Paleo cookbooks G got me for Christmas.  We agreed to try one new recipe per week in the new year.
  • Groceries (this is in the Wegmens App.  OMG if you don’t have this app or shop at this grocery store you are completely missing out.  This thing organizes your list by aisle number and updates according to the store you go to.  So even when Wegs decides to move the coffee from aisle 13 to 9 true story I’m the only one in the store who isn’t in a complete panic over where to find it.)
  • Thoughts
  • Christmas Ideas (can be deleted!)
  • Gym Info (these are all of my various employee numbers, lockbox codes, and other gym-specific numbers I have to keep organized)
  • Ginny (this is a list I keep of things that happen during the day that I want to tell her about but will likely forget before dinnertime.  You can laugh now if you want to, but for me there is no other way)
  • Costco, Target, and Home Depot (these lists are all in my reminders app and they are empty for the time being yay!)
  • Playlists (all in iTunes, mostly for classes.  I keep my playlists together of all the releases I have organized together, and then I create a “Mix” RPM, “Mix” BodyAttack, and “Mix” BodyPump for classes that particular week.  I also have playlists called “Chrsitmas” obvious, “Run” also obvious, and “Current” again, I’m good with naming conventions.

So there you have it.  A list of all of my lists.  It’s my life laid out in words- the day to day.  The meat.  And as tedious as some of those things get, I feel so grateful that I have all of this to do.  To look forward to.  To accomplish.



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