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Reverb what???  2014 baby!  So excited that I get a once-monthly topic to freely write about that I don’t have to come up with myself.  What a relief (ha)!

So my routine this year looks a little like this:


I call this lovingly: The Cockpit.  There are lots of puns in there worth pondering.  Center monitor and docking station for work laptop, Mac to the right for listening to music (aka: learning my LM releases like this week for launch), and personal computer to the left for email and FB.

We have finally set up our home office in a respectable way (and by we, I almost always mean G) 😉  So no more laptop on the kitchen island with Rachael Ray babbling on in the background and Levi yapping at every squirrel that sniffs the back deck.  In other words, a little more focused working time upstairs, isolated from the rest of the house, which allows for more distinctive breaks when I come downstairs for lunch or a snack.  And, ultimately, a nice separation from working and not working.

The positive aspects of working from home everyone recognizes.  No wasting time with the commute or even looking reasonable– good thing that picture was of the cockpit and not turned around at me: messy ponytail, no makeup, and lululemon stretchy clothes all the way!  So, assuming I work an 8 hour day, I don’t have to tack on 30-45 minutes of driving each way and if I roll out of bed and start working right away, I can have my work done before 4pm some days.  Hooray for walks with Levi in the daylight!  Also, I love to fold and put away laundry while I’m on conference calls.  I have an issue focusing on audio if there is no visual (powerpoint slides do not count… snore) so the mindless task of laundry helps keep me engaged with what I’m listening to, and I just stop to jot a note or give my input here and there as needed.  I find that I do my best thinking as I am matching socks.  Lucky for me, G has many varieties of black socks that all look the same.  But they’re not.  It’s a madness puzzle.

The negative aspects are less obvious.  Assuming an 8 hour workday is often a bad assumption when working from home.  Usually work gets interrupted and divided up weirdly over the day so starting at 7 or 8am can bleed and bleed into the evening up to and sometimes past dinnertime.  It’s hard to “put it away” the way you would shut down your computer and leave work for the day, until the next day.  Having my home office set up the way it is allows for an easier division and allows me to put work away when I move to the rest of the house.  Another negative is that, while I don’t spend many of my work hours in the office socializing, I find the human contact a nice-to-have.  I have a “work mom” and a “work dad” who come by on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I’m at the corporate office and ask about my weekend, I have my team that I like to check on and ask about their families and weekends, and I have a few work friends I like to grab coffee or lunch with occasionally when meetings haven’t taken over my day.  At home, it’s just me and Levi.  And that’s OK especially when he’s keeping my feet warm, but I couldn’t do it 5 days a week I don’t think.

Warm Feet

After a near-death experience on the Dulles Toll Road going to work yesterday, I am happy to be sitting here with Levi on my feet enjoying no danger whatsoever.  I just need another cup of coffee!


One thought on “#reverb14 // Routine

    Stacie said:
    January 20, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    I feel exactly the same way about working from. Just sub Lola for Levi!

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