Weekly Digest: January In Review

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Why hello there February!  It’s nice to be one step closer to spring.  A couple of more long months to go though.  In the meantime, I’ll recap January and all the great ways I passed the time indoors.

What I loved:

Engagement party KG

  • Our surprise engagement party- what frivolity!!!  I loved every second, every bite of delicious home made food, every well appointed and thought out decoration, and of course every single lovely person who came out to support us and celebrate us.  We are so touched and we feel so loved.  Our hearts are full full full.
  • Trying recipes from our Paleo cookbooks and sharing them with a close group of friends who are cooking more Paleo too!  It’s been so fun and adventurous to try new things and share the outcomes with others.  And steal their ideas and good recipes too!
  • The Korean chili chicken wings at Water & Wall.
  • House guests!  We had a fun sleep over with some of our favorite Texas gals Mindy & Pey, and also G’s dad and his wife stayed over on their way down to FL for the rest of the winter.  Jealous!
What I learned:
  • Don’t assume that once someone knows things the way you know them, they will choose what you choose.
  • Baking with alternative gluten free flours is a hard task if you want to create a fluffy sandwich bread for this.
  • Avocado and spinach blended into my chocolate protein shake is YUM.  What have I been waiting for??  The Ninja helps too!
  • My love language is Quality Time (which is obvious even based on my post from reverb13 on what I covet).
  • But more importantly, G’s love language is completely the opposite of mine, and to show her how much I love her, I can’t just do for her what I would want done for me.  This is a great life lesson for all.
What I gained:
  • A spiralizer.  I will not be able to live without this device for the rest of my life.  GAME CHANGER in the kitchen.  Time to not only throw away all of the pasta in the house (which we already did), but even all of the gluten free pasta (done).  No need!  Away with you!  This gadget turns all of your potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, and pretty much any other fruit or veg you would like into noodles.
  • Boo-Coos of new members at the gym.  Thanks, New Years Resolutions!  I don’t like making NYR’s myself but I love that others do and that it brings them to me.  My challenge is to keep them hooked FOR LIFE.
  • A. Nother. Pair. of my favorite crops at lululemon.  In grey.  I just had to.  I don’t wear these to the gym, I wear them everywhere else every day of the freakin’ week.  Also, this.  Coziest. Top. Ever.
What I lost:
  • A dear friend and mentor.  A woman that I looked up to and loved.  What a special soul.
  • Almost a whole month of long neighborhood walks with Levi thanks to the intermittent snow and rain and ice.  We’ve had enough, thanks mother nature!
What I look forward to:
  • Picking some cool stuff for our wedding registry and zeroing in on menu, music, and decor for the wedding!  Woohoo let’s get that party started early!
  • Seeing more pictures of all the cute new babies and puppies all of our friends are having/acquiring.  Congrats to Jen and Lauren on their baby girl and boy, and congrats to the Fannons and Ashley Q on their baby pug Tucker and baby french bulldog Theodore.  I squeal loudly at least once per day thanks to Facebook and can’t wait to see/hold/play with all IRL.
  • Finally getting our engagement pictures taken!  After two botched attempts due to bad weather situations, we’re thinking third time is a charm!  Unless the european weather model is correct and we’re doomed to 3 feet of snow next week.  Big thanks to Carolyn Scott for the many many reschedules and let’s just keep our fingers and toes crossed.

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