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It’s February so let’s talk about love.

Some couples have straight-forward love stories.  Like… we were high school sweet hearts!  And… we met through a friend of a friend and hit it off!  Or… our buggies bumped at the grocery store and the rest is history!

It’s simple.  Tidy.  I like stories like this because they are sweet, uncomplicated, and can be delivered in one breath after the inevitable question is asked.  How did you two meet?  The problem is that is never the whole story.  It’s definitely not the good part.  The meaty part.  The real part.

The question we get asked is How did you two meet?  And that is a totally legit question, but what us nosy nancy’s want to know really is how did you two fall in love?  What is your love story?  It’s just too intimate a question to ask, isn’t it?  I think I’m gonna start asking people this anyways and see what happens!  I love making people uncomfortable for my own entertainment!

Well, my tidy love story is that G and I met in spin class.  I was teaching the class and she was a member taking class.  We bonded over our love for spinning and then cycling outdoors and the rest is history… Awe, isn’t that sweet?  It’s so uncomplicated, in fact, that this story is exactly the one that we tell anyone who asks us what our deal is.  But in the interest of writing a blog post on Heart, I’ll tell you just how I found mine.

G and I did indeed meet in my Friday morning RPM class.  She wasn’t a fan of group fitness, had never tried it before.  She had just finished running the Marine Corps Marathon and suffering from plantar fasciitis, was seeking a method of exercise that would be easier on her feet.  Her partner of nearly 15 years at the time actually encouraged her to join group fitness and promoted my class as the one to try.

See what I mean…  the meat??

G doesn’t ever decide just do anything little.  For instance, she didn’t just take up running as a hobby.  She ran a freakin’ marathon.  So it wasn’t surprising that after taking a few spin classes, she was ready to conquer whatever huge bike race was out there to be had.  And I was the person who might know a thing or two about how to get there.  We picked a few races, made a training plan, and guaranteed ourselves a summer full of riding and bonding.

It wasn’t the biking itself.  It was the car rides to and from the countryside where we had to go to find the big hills to climb and long open country roads to sprint on.  Those car rides allowed me to open up and be vulnerable in a way that I hadn’t in a really long time.  OK, actually forever.  When you share your hopes and dreams with someone and they tell you that you can do anything and be anyone, and that they will always be there to help you achieve… it will bring you to your knees.  And for me, this formerly unemotional girl who was so closed off to the world, I was taken down hard.  And given wings at the same time.

No one had ever known who I really was, all of me.  I never shared that with anyone before.  I think I was afraid that if anyone ever knew all of me that they wouldn’t like what they saw.  I didn’t know what intimacy was, outside of physical intimacy.  I didn’t know I was falling in love, it was so foreign to me.  And when I finally realized what was happening to me, it had already happened.  No going back now.

I had a lot of things to take care of in my personal life to get to a place where we could be together.  And she did as well.  I struggled with guilt and at times extreme pain letting go of what my life had led to up to that point.  But I always knew it was the right thing.  I knew that by allowing myself to be who I am and to experience true love that I was also allowing my now ex-husband to have the chance to do the same.  I knew that no matter how much my parents disagreed with me that I couldn’t live my life for them and make decisions based on what would make them happy.  I am done with that.  I am living as myself and for myself, with a person who only wants that for me.

My heart, after having been locked for so long, is wide open.  Beating loudly, bleeding with passion, and completely unstoppable.  Isn’t that such an amazing love story?  I am humbled that it is my own to share.

I love you, G.  I can’t wait to marry you.

Engagement photo
Photo cred: Carolyn Scott Photography




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