Weekly Digest: February In Review

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Oh March… typically we are looking for the tell tale signs of spring with the temperatures lifting ever so slightly, the birds chirping, and daylight coming back to the evening hours.  But this year, we would just like it to be warmer than 16 degrees and STOP SNOWING thank you very much!  We have officially had enough.  Because we have the Longest. Driveway. Ever. and shoveling it makes me want to cry.  Anywhooooo… here is my recap of Freezing February.

What I loved:
  • Our engagement shoot in Raleigh, NC with the super fabulous Carolyn Scott and Geoff Brown, possibly the cutest, sweetest photog married couple who shoot weddings together in all the world.  OMG, G and I were so lucky to find you and we are SO so thrilled with our pictures!!!
  • Our visit with a good friend I’ve had since grad school while we were in NC for said photo shoot.  We love The Mays!!!  Erin is a fantastic photographer as well, but focuses on High School Seniors and Family Portraits.  If you’re in the NC area check her out!  She totally helped us stay calm and gave us great advice about our outfits, hair, makeup, etc.  Without her, we may or may not have been a complete disaster.
  • Completely ditching our ultra-romantic Valentine’s Day evening that we had planned in favor of an early dinner at our favorite local sushi joint and catching up on old episodes of Girls and The Bachelor on the couch with Levi.  He loves The Bachelor.  And I think he loathes Girls, because G and I sporadically burst out into insane amounts of laughter and it scares him.
  • The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics!
What I learned:
  • It’s Never Too Late to change your plan!  During Reverb13 I wrote about how hard it is for me to ditch the plan and go a new direction with grace.  I’m happy with small victories like changing V-day plans at the total last minute. <pat myself on the back>  But, I’m talking BIG.  Like… changing the entire wedding venue!!!  Once G and I got into the nitty gritty with planning our wedding in the mountains, the distance from our home became such an obstacle that it was practically destination.  So we reigned it all in, got real, and moved our party just north of the MD border to Potomac, right on the C&O canal.  Gorgeous, more authentic to us, and way more convenient for us and for all of our guests.
  • 1/2 a cocktail for me before a photo shoot and 2 & 1/2 cocktails for G is just the right amount to get us prepped. 🙂  And… always have your photo shoot in an area where there are bars.
  • My primary love language in fact is NOT Quality Time, as I had once thought!  I took the real actual quiz and I scored a 10 on physical touch and a 9 on quality time.  So close, but I’d rather be snuggling (that means you have to be with me and spending quality time anyways, right?  Two birds…)  I scored super low on Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, and Acts of Service.  So, please don’t bother yourself with telling me how great I am, doing anything for me, or buying anything for me.  Just give me a hug upon your visit.
  • All the various types of indoor cyclists and what type I am.  What do you think??
What I gained:
  • A new found appreciation for my not broken bones.  As much trouble as my left wrist has given me the past 6 months, I will stop complaining and appreciate that I can still walk my dog, teach my classes, and do pretty much everything that I want/need to do.  Our friend KT broke her foot and we have been helping her with everything from dog walking to grocery shopping to mood lifting!  It feels good to be a good friend.
  • The best Valentines Day card in the world, and my new favorite saying.  I think this will have to somehow make it into my wedding vows.
    In Love We Each Believe We Are The Lucky One
  • A new lulu outfit.  Are you surprised???  Top and BottomI’m wearing it right now as I type.
What I look forward to:
  • Picking out a band for our new wedding location/concept!  G and I are totally obsessed with the idea of having a band now.  The new venue has a stage after all.
  • The arrival of my new baby nephew, Leo!!  Come on sweet boy, we are waiting for you!!
  • Hosting our first Paleo Pot Luck with our group of wannabe Paleo chef friends so that we can all try some of the best recipes out there and trade some valuable tips and tricks.
  • Some warmer weather.  PUH LEAZE.

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