Weekly Digest: March In Review

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Whoa Nelly!!  What happened to March???  Between the dramatic weather changes and hoping for spring to arrive and STAY, I think we all did our part in wishing March away!  It went by so fast, in fact, I’m having a hard time recalling what even happened.  Let’s see…

What I loved:
  • Photo shoot of my NEW baby nephew, Leo!  What a cutie!!!!

    Leo Michael Farkas Born 3/9/2014 — 7lbs on the dot Photograph courtesy of Natalie Bee Photography
  • Picking out our band!  We did it!  After seeing two showcases (this is a special event where several potential clients gather to watch the band play a set of 30 second demos of songs all rolled together medley-style.  This is awkward for many reasons, mostly because the band is playing/singing/dancing their hearts out with zero crowd energy and all of us just standing around evaluating.  Yeah.  As a group fitness instructor, I know that doing your thing in front of 4 unenthusiastic members does not make for a totally rockin’ class.  I digress…) we are going with the first band we saw- a really talented group of young artists who just like to have fun.  Our kind of peeps.
  • Our first Paleo Potluck Party.  Who knew you could have so much fun and have so many tasty desserts Paleo-style!  It was most certainly the company.  But for me, it was also the amazing pork loin and chocolate hazelnut ganache cake.  My two personal favorites of the night.  G and I made the Paleo Pork Fried Rice, which was featured in my post from reverb13, and our Butternut Squash/Kale/Sausage/Zucchini/Walnut dish.  If you have a good name suggestion for that one, leave it in the comments.  I’m desperate to call that dish anything other than listing out all of the ingredients.  Squashage Surprise??  Help me out…
What I learned:
  • That even though I am very fair, I would make a terrible judge.  Also, what happens in jury duty.
  • That I am crazy for crafting!!!  Yes, I am THAT girl.  Martha Stewart Junior.  I think that it’s an extension of my love for all things Christmas, which has always been a very crafty holiday for me.  I love handmade ornaments and decorations.  I love decorating the house and going to those kitchky  holiday shows.  I’ll stop talking about Christmas now lest it start snowing again…
  • That I can make a wide variety of paper flowers and that I need to make approximately 283 of these things in various sizes to fill up the wedding arch we are making for the ceremony.  Behold:
    Paper Flower1
    Paper Flower2
    Paper Flower3
    Paper Flower4
    Origami (mama & baby)

    Paper Flower5
    Rose – my FAVE

Aren’t you impressed with me???  Leave me comments if you want me to do tutorials on these.  I can write them or if you’re lucky I can do a video like I’ve seen done on youtube.  How embarrassingly fantastic!!!

What I gained:
  • A sweet new member of my family, and a whole new level of love for my three four peas.
    Leo and Fam
  • I’ve reclaimed my habitual neighborhood walks with Mr. Levi.  He’s loving it, I swear.  And I’m not choking him, I promise.
    Springtime Walk
  • And speaking of Levi.  I have lost a really chubs looking dog and gained a super svelte version, thanks to a major hair cutting.  EEK
    Levi Messy

    Levi Skinny
    After (awe)

One thought on “Weekly Digest: March In Review

    Anonymous Friend said:
    April 4, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    K-Sab aka K-Quads, I want crafty video tutorials, please!!! Also, Squasage recipe or live from the dream house kitchen…

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