#reverb14 // April Showers

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I haven’t found April to be terribly showery.  And in my past experience, the showers that do happen in April thankfully tamp down the amount of green sludge we experience thanks to all of the nature sex going on.

It did snow for a hot second the evening of April 15th.  Mother Nature’s last ditch effort to freeze us out.  She can just totally go to hell after the winter we had.  Rude.

Spring is my least favorite season, even though I am so unbelievably happy to have a change in the temps and to have more daylight hours to frolic in.  But, as everything comes to life, the season is full of sneezing, red itchy eyes, burning skin, and the like.  And it brings me to the saying April showers bring May flowers… which I like to think of metaphorically.

You have to go through this not-so-pleasant thing to get to this great thing.  Isn’t that the story of our lives?

It is really a blessing that life happens this way.  Because if this great thing just happened without any not-so-pleasantness happening beforehand, we would totally take advantage of the fact that what we are experiencing is a great thing.  And then, perhaps, none of our things would be great.  They would just be.  That’s just plain depressing.

I’ve experienced some not-so-good relationships in my past.  I’ll pause and take a breath and be so incredibly grateful that I can say in my past.  As a person who has a hard personal rule about zero negativity, all of that had to just go.  But oh how I appreciate the amazing people in my life now.  And I take great care in nurturing these relationships because they mean so much to me.

In my not-so-good relationships, I didn’t always try as hard.  I didn’t give as much of myself.  So, where appropriate, I take responsibility for my part in the not-so-goodness of it all.  In the case of my parents, I gave it my all, and am still giving to an extent, with zero return on investment.  So I claim no responsibility for that one.  Which begs an amendment to the statement, where sometimes April showers bring… only dirty puddles and gray skies.  The story doesn’t always end in flowers.  How boringly predictable!

I’ve also experienced really hard phases of my career.  Soul-blackening, as my friend Sarah so exquisitely describes it.  But they were stepping stones to my current position.  Which I love.  I don’t know if I would appreciate the flexibility and great teamwork I experience with my co-workers had I not been to other companies and seen not-greener pastures.  The things that I love the most about my job are things that money cannot replace.  That lesson alone was worth the struggle.

The frustration of your task today could become the foundation for your achievement tomorrow.  It’s important to always remember that.  Are you appreciating your current season?

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