Weekly Digest: Why Mother’s Day Is My New Valentine’s Day

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There was a time when I had a mother who did everything with my best interest at heart.  Isn’t that what mothers are supposed to do?  No matter how horrid or wretched or annoying it seemed at the time, you, the child, got to where you are with the nagging, pushing, prodding, and sometimes manipulation of your mother.

If you were so lucky to have one at all.

This also applies to mother-figures, for anyone with two dads, was raised by a single dad but had a crazy meddling aunt or godmother.  And heck, sometimes dads are just as drama and count as moms.

I was lucky to have a mother.  And a father.  They loved me the best they knew how.  And now, they just don’t know how to love me.

Mother’s Day makes me sad.  Because I have a mother who is not my mother anymore.

By choice.

It was her choice to not be my mother anymore.  And it was my choice to accept that peacefully and move on with my life.

It’s a lot like being single on Valentine’s Day.  When you see all the flowers and cards and spa certificates in stores to be purchased and given for all the mothers out there who deserve to be celebrated in the highest fashion.  When you see the happy mothers’ day wishes with mothers tagged on Facebook with sweet messages and memories and words of thanks.  When you see every uplifting re-eulogy of amazing mothers who have since passed on via blog post and news article.

And, just like Valentine’s Day, where love has a place to be honored and celebrated, Mothers all around the world (or is it just the US?) deserve a day to be honored and celebrated as well.  But it has quite the sting to it now.  Sometimes it makes me feel jealous.  But mostly it just makes me feel alone.

But live on, Mother’s Day!  I just reserve the right to reject the sentiments that generalize that all mothers everywhere are the best things since sliced bread.  Some just happen to fall miserably short.  As my peer group and I move into this phase of life where our generation are becoming mothers, just remember that the most important choice you can make is to love your children unconditionally.  It’s the difference between being a mother and not.

Mothers Day


One thought on “Weekly Digest: Why Mother’s Day Is My New Valentine’s Day

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