Weekly Digest: May In Review

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Oh woah!  Hey June 🙂  Glad to see you.

May was ROUGH.  My allergies were a total mess, I had massive anxiety about work, and I lived through my first motherless mother’s day.  Sheesh.  Needless to say, I needed some hand holding.  Thanks G!

So anyways, since I’m all about perspective, there is usually a plus side to every situation – a silver lining per say.  Although, there really is no positive spin on allergies.  Except to make a public service announcement that if your eyes get bloodshot and the sclera actually separates itself from the rest of your eye ball and fills with fluid… Naphcon A is your friend. I think I might be permanently blind without that stuff.

My anxiety at work is being caused by the intersection of the beginning of busy season (which runs from the beginning of summer all the way through the end of the Government fiscal year in September), all of my staff hankering to take vacations, and the resignation of a star employee.  Bad timing?  Yes.  Mission Impossible?  No.

So between interviewing, covering for my team as they rotate out on leave, and working at 300% productivity, I’m getting through it.  It occurred to me that as my staff came back from vacation, they were so appreciative and energized from the time off that they too were working to maximum productivity to help cover the empty spot on the team.  The high volume of proposal work that I personally took on will keep me humble as their leader and remind me of the issues that they work through on a daily basis.  It helps me know how to help them better, even when they don’t know how to ask or what to ask for sometimes.  And finally, the interview process, which I find to be extremely frustrating and time consuming, allows me to see what is out in the market and find candidates that are rising stars.  The best analysts I’ve worked with over the years are the ones that I hired and professionally developed myself.  Home grown.  Organic.  Isn’t that all the rage right now?!

My plight about a motherless mother’s day is here.  Enough said.  I’m over it.  And, the silver lining there is that I very much enjoyed Mother’s day with G’s mom who is one of the most loving, accepting, and supportive moms around.  She most certainly deserves to be celebrated!  We had a fashion show seeing her in all of her potential mother-of-the-bride(s) dresses, had brunch at our most favorite breakfast place, Amphora, and then walked around the neighborhood Ohing and Ahing (and more importantly criticizing) all of the open houses in the neighborhood.  One of my favorite things to do!

Life isn’t all turning lemons into lemonade though.  G and I held two paper-flower-making parties and yielded lots of gorgeous flowers for the arch, which is coming along nicely thanks to a bunch of brainiac engineers who tossed our original arch construction idea in the trash and came up with a brilliant idea in its place.  Whew!  Potential wedding crisis averted!  This is why you ask for help, people.

June, you are my savior!  Tour de Cure to kick it off – 108 miles of riding!  G’s birthday!  New Orleans for the quarterly and double bachelorette party!  OH MY!

Pastel Paper Flowers



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