Weekly Digest: June/July in Review

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Between wedding planning and some family drama, I have been totally out of whack this summer!  And the blog, which I have been fortunate to post to twice in July about the things on my mind, has had to take a little step back in my priority list.  But all this busy-ness about my business means that there is a lot to update you on.  I may get to the juicy family drama some day – I honestly have no idea how to even articulate such a disaster at the moment – this post will be all about how I have loved all over June and July.  Let me count the ways…

  1. G and I rode 108 miles the day before her birthday for the Tour de Cure ride out of Reston, VA with my company, Leidos, in support of the American Diabetes Association.  I am so proud that my team raised more than $37,000 this year and sponsored the 108 mile ride (which is why I had to do it, eek!)  It was tough and we were cramping and wishing we could quit for the last 20 miles or so, but it was a gorgeous day and I can do absolutely anything with my girl by my side.
  2. We went to the New Orleans Mega Quarterly at the end of June, which for anyone who is not a Les Mills fanatic, this means that we work out like champs for 2 days straight doing all of the newest moves to the newest music delivered by the best instructors in the world, all with 1,998 of our closest fitness friends (or, 598 other cyclists — there were 600 bikes in one room can you even imagine??)

    If you were wondering what BodyPump looks like with 2,000 people:
    NoLa - Pump panorama

    This is our celebrity group shot – like how perfect that we are all coordinating with color and tone here, right???
    NoLa - Q After

    And because it also doubled as our bachelorette weekend, G got a little fresh with me right before we did about a bazillion tuck jumps and burpees (our fave).
    NoLa - Quarterly Freshness

  3. Speaking of bachelorette!!  Even some of our non-gymrat friends met us in the Big Easy to hang out and party with us.  A HUGE thank you to Miss T, G’s MOH, for organizing all of our fun and making it the best time ever!!
    NoLa - Trolley   NoLa - Silliness NoLa - Dinner at Coops
  4. So for July, back on dry land, we had a bunch of wedding stuff to work on.  Logistics, music, gifts, decorations, scouting photo locations by the Potomac… we have an excel spreadsheet that itemizes everything to keep us organized.  If you try to look at it all at once, you feel the urge to elope.  Small sections!  Baby steps!  One day at a time!  Remember all of those paper flowers I’ve been making?  We had several paper flower parties as well.  Here is what happened:
    Flower arch
    Don’t be jealous.  If you want to borrow it, I’ve decided that I’ll be willing to rent it out for $500/day 🙂  I’ll have a post ALL ABOUT CRAFTING – yippee!!!  Stay tuned for that.
  5. My Monday night RPM class at 24 Hour Fitness threw G and I a bridal shower in class!!!  They put a bike up front for her and made her ride with me while I taught.  I loved it!!!  They blew bubbles the whole class, the balloons swirled around at our fast-spinning feet (which was quite disturbing for those of us who have a balloon popping phobia), and after class we had champagne and cookies.  YES!
    RPM Bridal Shower

Onto AUGUST.  We are getting down to the wire.  30 days to go!  Kayshay here I come!


One thought on “Weekly Digest: June/July in Review

    Tierney Parker said:
    August 13, 2014 at 1:34 am

    Arch loves AH-mazing!!! So beautiful! Thanks for the shoutout; was happy to plan our NoLa weekend. Sorry I missed Ginny getting fresh.

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