#reverb14 // Summertime Blues

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The July prompt for reverb14 was about summertime blues.  I don’t have summertime blues, nor is it July anymore, but I figure as long as I haven’t received my new reverb prompt for August yet I’m still not backlogged beyond redemption!

I am definitely much more of a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) winter time person.  That’s when it’s freezing and there’s no sunlight and I want to hibernate and gain a million pounds eating warm comfort foods by the fire.  I don’t think I’ve ever been blue in the summer.  I can’t help it!  The sunshine, warm days (even the hot as shizzle ones don’t bother me), long walks with Levi, bike rides with G, tank tops, flip flops, light DC traffic, and a beach if you get lucky… what is there to complain about?

And this year, the end of summer is being marked by one of life’s greatest and most romantic moments, my wedding.  I am practically bursting with excitement as the day approaches.  Everything is coming together.  Everything is getting done.  All of our friends and family have sent in their RSVPs and are gearing up to celebrate.  All of my co-workers, acquaintances,  and members at the gym are counting down with me (4 weeks!  3 weeks!…)  So many people offering their words of kindness and support and help.  SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Speaking of love.  And sharing the love.  And the equality of love, which G and I obviously feel very strongly about.  If you are feeling so inclined to give to a charity, we have selected Freedom To Marry (www.freedomtomarry.org) as our official wedding charity.  We will be donating to this on behalf of all of our guests in thanks for their love and support.  Give it a glance and perhaps drop in some loose change in celebration of us!

Freedom To Marry

I guess if I had to say I’m blue about something it would be that I’ve finally finished all of my paper flower projects (to include the arch, all centerpieces, flower girl bouquet, and other flower flourishes to decorate wedding items with) and now I feel a little bit sad that I have nothing to hot glue paper flowers to.  I’ve decided to take my new crafting abilities and focus them on the holidays- a poinsettia template to create and a lot of red paper to purchase.  And I’m carefully thinking about designing a really amazing paper flower tree topper.   Christmas in August!  I know I know… I’ll shut up now.

If I don’t get a chance to post again before the wedding I’ll bid you adieu as the blogger known as kSab.  Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, thanks for sharing, caring, and being wonderful people.  Spread the love.


2 thoughts on “#reverb14 // Summertime Blues

    Barry said:
    August 14, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    Wishing you and G the best!! I really appreciate who you guys are and your attitudes (and workout intensity), looks like things might happen in VA real soon but too late for you to change your location. Your blog brings tears to my eyes as I can identify but a smile to my face as you release your feelings and express your personality. I know you think I’m a dirty old man (not just a dirty old man) but Love to you both, live long and prosper!

      kimsabet said:
      August 14, 2014 at 1:47 pm

      Thank you Barry, it means so much to us! You’re such a good person and we are happy to know you and see you every week!

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