#reverb14 // Turkey Time

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You know what?  I don’t even like turkey.  Or cranberry sauce.  Or creamy overcooked vegetable dishes of any kind.

You might be able to change my mind if you gave me fried turkey.  But in my many years of participating in Thanksgiving, I’ve never been obliged.  Someone?  Anyone??

I don’t hate turkey.  Just given the many many different protein sources out there, it is the one that I would choose probably last.  Alas, it is the novelty of the season, so I do my absolute best with it.  If I had to bet, I think the majority of Thanksgiving celebrators feel the Exact Same Way.

If I could make the Thanksgiving menu, I would stick with classic poultry and do several small skin-on roasted chickens with different herbed and citrusy flavorings, Martha Stewart’s Perfect Mac and Cheese, Parmesan crisped asparagus or broccolini (al dente), and some kind of butternut squash autumnal dish.  Totally still in the essence of Thanksgiving, but just with my personal favorites taking over the table.  Fortunately though, I’m not eating alone.  There are many other palettes to consider.

G and I hosted Thanksgiving last year, the first Thanksgiving in our new home.  My turkey came out juicy and favorful, despite not being fried, and there was a plethora of side dishes to pick and choose from.  And a full extended-dining-room-table of family: my brother, sister-in-law (preggo belly in tow!), and neice stayed with us, G’s mom, brother, and his girlfriend came as well.  It was a hit!  My birthday hit right on Thanksgiving day last year, so we ended the rather large meal with costco birthday cake (my fave) and apple pie.  It was the most memorable Thanksgiving to date.

We’ll see if we can top that because we are hosting again this year!  G’s dad and his wife are going to be with us, along with G’s mom, brother, and his girlfriend.  So, it will be a full Shay-family affair!  I’m so happy and proud to be among them, not only in person, but also in name.  Being completely folded into G’s family’s loving arms has been the highlight of my year.  Yes, there will be another unfried turkey served, but hopefully it will turn out just as good as last year’s and we are having a little more pot-luck style dinner so pressure is off!  And there is more costco cake to be had!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!  xoxo

Outtakes from last year.  Miss my family so much!!!

TG2013 1

TG2013 2

TG2013 3



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