#reverb14 // Do Over

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Day 4 – Hindsight is 20/20 – Is there one moment you wish that you could do over?

I’ll make this brief, as I am in current crisis.  One of my employees at work has not been responding to email this week.  It started with a Happy Birthday email on Tuesday for which I offered to treat a birthday coffee, with no response.  OK, well it’s their birthday and even though they didn’t schedule any leave with me, I can look the other way.  It’s not like I made some huge announcement that I had no intention of working on MY birthday last week either.

But now, after two more days of emails with no responses, calling only to find full voice mail boxes, I am seriously alarmed.  I’ve called HR to file a missing employee report so that they will contact the In Case of Emergency person.

I wish that I could go back to Tuesday, when I never got a response to the birthday email and be the nagging boss that I said I would never be to make sure everything is OK.


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