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Day 7 – Victory Laps – What was your biggest accomplishment this year?

When I think of accomplishment, my thoughts immediately lead to career success.  And I have had a lot of career success and reasons to be proud of myself this year.  I was a major player in a proposal that was submitted this past October for a total potential value to my firm of over $11 Billion.  Yes B, for Billion.  And it was a real B, for Bitch.  But I worked my ass off, used my rainman math skills for a good cause, and got-er-done and I am really proud of it.

But… that’s my job.  I’m supposed to do that.  In fact, it was such a crucial project that if I didn’t do it, or made a mistake while doing it, I would be fired.  So… meh.

From a holistic sense, my biggest accomplishment is more of a creative development opportunity that I took advantage of this year.  I wasn’t planning on this, but when G and I caught sight of one of our photographer’s wedding blogs early on in the year, we were drawn to one of their bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets.  They were so interesting and beautiful.  Upon closer inspection, they were made of patterned paper, folded into intricate origami flowers and clustered together.  And, upon a simple pinterest search for paper flower wedding decor we were totally in awe that this was A Thing.

It wasn’t just bouquets.  It was centerpieces, floral arches, cake toppers, and other live-flower-replacement decor.  I don’t think we ever made the conscious decision to go all in and Do It.  But after a couple of trips to Michaels, I had some ideas thanks to Martha Stewart, and many pins with instructions on how to make different types of flowers.  I made a couple of prototypes with some cheap ugly paper.  Just to see if I could do this.  It started out pretty hideous.  And slow.  This took me almost an hour…

  Paper Flower First try

But then I got better.  And faster.

Paper Flower 6

And then The Paperie was open for business…

Paper Roses

G encouraged my new found love of crafting by gifting me with a crafting table and an entire area of our basement to dedicate to flower making.  And, around this table, me and a few girlfriends sat and talked, laughed, and bonded while we made flowers and more flowers and more flowers.  G led a team of some of our other non-crafty-but-still-wanted-to-be-helpful friends in the engineering of the arch structure that we would attach all of the flowers to once they were complete.

It is our collective masterpiece.



I feel accomplished because I am now a total professional at making these flowers.  I feel accomplished because the intimacy of the relationships I had with my girlfriends who spent so much time with me working on this was taken to a whole new level.  For an introvert this is a huge gold star moment.  And I feel accomplished because it is something that I will treasure forever, in pictures, and in the wreath that I made out of the arch once the wedding was over to keep as a momento of the most beautiful day of my life.  These flowers will never die, never fade.  Always in bloom, always reminding me of how loved and fortunate I am.

Paper Flower Wreath



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