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Day 15 – Soul Food – What food/cooking technique/cookbook/restaurant did you discover this year?

Since early 2013 G and I have called ourselves Paleo Wannabes.  Paleo when we are motivated to cook and have the energy and patience all that stuff requires.  Non-paleo when I want to eat frosting from the jar.  Frosting is my soul food.

I’m not the kind of girl who can stick to a 100% plan.  The second that I tell myself I can’t have something, it becomes the only thing that I can imagine eating ever again.  So, I make a deal with myself.  Eat Paleo and healthy every possible time that it makes sense, and allow myself all the other things anytime that my heart belly desires.  It sounds like the exact opposite of a diet, but it works.  Depriving yourself of something you want is a limited-time-only proposition.  Smart choices are key.

So what do I mean by I eat Paleo when it makes sense?  Well, for the most part that means 3 meals per day.  G and I have scoured cookbooks and websites and pins in search of great recipes that satisfy our taste buds and nutritional goals.  Low carb, high fiber, high protein.  3 Paleo meals per day doesn’t always make sense though.  Sometimes, you’re freakin tired and can’t even bring yourself to microwave left overs and wash the plate.  We don’t allow ourselves to feel guilty about that, we just grab Panera or go somewhere we know we can get a salad or other balanced meal and call it a day.  3 meals per day is also not ever enough.  With as active as we are and as early as we wake up, our appetite is such that we could get through all three meals before 2pm.  So, that calls for snacks.  We try to choose good options when snacking but sometimes a girl just wants a handful of candy corn dammit!

Our favorite go-to Paleo substitutes for classic favorites are:

Riced cauliflower instead of Rice

Egg crepes for lasagna noodles

Spiralized squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots for pasta

They taste just as good, or better.  I will never go back to eating any of the originals ever again.  Check out this lasagna!

Crepe Lasagna dish Crepe Lasagna piece

And these noodles!

spiralized sweet potatoes Zoodle Spaghetti

Best cooking gadget ever, the Paderno Spiralizer.


Our favorite cookbook of all the ones we’ve used:


Try it!  You will be surprised by how much you like it.


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