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Day 20 – What products have you discovered this year that you love?

To eat, snack on, and curb cravings with: 

Quest Bars.  Specifically the Cookie Dough flavor.  Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Brownie are distant seconds, but they will do in a pinch.  The nutritional profile of these protein bars is amazing and don’t make my stomach hurt with sugar substitutes.

Turkey Perky Jerky.  Don’t make fun of it until you try it.  Yum, high protein, low carb, and I can’t get enough.

To soothe my aching…

Lips: Baby Lips by Maybelline.  Yes.  The tube looks like a 3YO would have it in his or her “purse” but it’s not sticky, is completely neutral tasting, and doesn’t make your lips shiny and sparkly.  Good lord.  It’s the anti-balm.

Body: Epsom Salts.  Apparently, it will also cure your gout and volumize your hair, but I recommend a simple soak a few times a week to ease your aching bits.  If you lift heavy weights, amen this product is for you.

Levi loves:

The Greenies Toothbrush.  He is totally crazy for these.  And they make his breath smell 5% less fishy.

Squeaky Pig.  See below.  No other endorsement needed.

Levi with Pig


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