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Day 21 – What did you get rid of this year?

I love throwing things in the trash.  It’s one of my all time favorite things ever.  Small sentiments of important moments I store in little keepsake boxes in a closet, everything else goes.  And, if the house ever burnt down to the ground, as long as me, G, and Levi were not in it, I would be alright.  Sad of course, but not over lost stuff.  I think I became this way because my mother is a borderline hoarder and I find all aspects of her behavior to be in the general what not to do category.

So anyways, talking about purging, to me, is like talking about a common act.  Like drinking coffee.  Happens every day.

I don’t really like thinking about purging non-tangible things like feelings or relationships.  I’ve technically done both.  And I learned that fine act from the best — my parents.  They are Olympic Gold Medal Champions of purging people, 30 years running.  But, because I feel rebellious about not continuing that pattern of action, just like the obscene hoarding of tupperware, I think about letting go of negative people and feelings from my life more in terms of what I am gaining.

If I rid myself of guilt, I am making more space in myself for positive feelings.  If I put time-sucking energy-sucking relationships on the back burner, I am allowing for more of my time and energy to be spent on people that I love and who deserve every available ounce of what I have to give.

I made room for a lot of important things this year.  Family- old and new.  Friends- old and new.  Fun Times- innocent and debaucherous.  And I will continue to do what I need to do to keep my life moving in a positive direction.  History will not repeat itself.  If I can be active in purging the world of anything, it will be their history.

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