#reverb14 // Thank You

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Day 22 – Write a thank you note to someone who broke your heart.

Oh this is so hard.  The act of finding gratitude in pain is the single most difficult paradox the heart and mind can bridge together.  I will keep this brief, lest I cry my eyes out until Christmas day (and seriously who has time for that??)


Dear Dad,

Thank you for raising me as a strong independent girl.  A girl who, instead of clinging to your leg on the first day of kindergarten, leapt onto the bus, waved my hand high in the air and said BYE SEE YA!!!  I didn’t know at the time, but I would need my strength and independence for the day you would make the choice to be absent from my life.

Thank you for affirming to me how smart, beautiful, and important I was as a child.  I know my self worth.  And I know now that I don’t need your approval to feel worthy and loved.

Thank you for my wonderful brother.  I remember being 3 years old and begging for a sibling.  I think I asked for a sister, actually, but I’m really happy I got a brother.  I need him now, because he is the only part of our nuclear family left that I have a connection with.  We love each other dearly.  And unconditionally.

Thank you for all of it.  This lovely life I live.  Without you, I would not be in this world.  And I would have rather loved and lost you a million times over than to have never lived or loved at all.

Your Daughter 



One thought on “#reverb14 // Thank You

    […] leave you with a reflection.  A letter that I wrote to my Dad for a piece during #reverb14, a prompt that required us to thank someone in your life that hurt you […]

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