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Day 24 – Home – Tell us about what home meant to you this year.

First of all – Merry Christmas!!!  Took a few days off of writing to enjoy some time with my family.  In my home!

They say home is where the heart is.  It’s where the people that you love are, no matter where that may be.  And I truly believe that no matter where G, Levi, and I find ourselves, that is exactly where we would call home.

But, for now, and for hopefully a very long time, we will call this lovely cottage our home:

Home Christmas outside

Last year was the year of the house.  Buying a house.  Painting a house.  Putting furniture in a house.  Housewarming the house.

But this year, we hosted our friends and family on many occasions and inviting their love into our house turned it into our home.  We got ready for our wedding with our bridal party and families by our sides in our home.  We have prepared countless meals for each other and for our guests in our home.  We have recuperated from illness, surgery, and injury in the safety and comfort of our home.  We have loved each other so hard in our home.  It is bursting at the seams.




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