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Day 28 – Creativity: What does being creative mean to you?  How do you express your creativity?

I used to think that creative people were the left handed, right brained folks who were the composers of great symphonies and painters of great murals on ceilings.  But like every other range of ability or limitation, there is a spectrum.  Those hailed and remembered for their creative genius were simply the ones made famous for it.

The rest of us mortals use creativity in more practical ways and to varying degrees.  This is the kind of creativity that I love to witness because unlike Picasso, where I will never suddenly sprout new talents or a general desire to paint, using creativity to apply functionally is something that I can learn, replicate, and benefit from.

Now I feel that creativity is pretty much anything outside the box.  Anything specifically outside my box.  I do go outside of my box sometimes.  Usually after I see something that inspires me to do so.  Like having an amazing homecooked meal made by a friend.  I ask for the recipe.  I love it so much and replicate it so often that I feel inspired to try variations on the recipe to use the same flavors or ingredients for other dishes.  Or, like seeing paper flowers on our photographer’s blog from another wedding.  Seeing the creativity of others motivates you to step outside your own box to experience it for yourself.  I didn’t make the same bouquets I saw in those pictures, or any of the pictures I saw on pinterest.  I collected ideas, the creativity of others and combine them to make them my own.  I got creative.  I made something from nothing.

Is that stealing?  Maybe.  I like to think of it as being inspired.  I always give credit where it is due.  It’s not like I’m claiming some major invention like the light bulb.  That was originality.

I am a right handed, left brained stereotype.  But I can create beautiful things.



One thought on “#reverb14 // Creative Spark

    Barry said:
    December 30, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    Thanks for the workout tonight. I can hardly move, well almost…..the weights was not the problem it’s the flexibility, I have none. Tell G thanks for the lessons. Hope I wasn’t too embarrassing…..I don’t give up easily, so let me know when we can do it again….Oh, I’m left handed right brained! Go figure.

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