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Day 27 – Creature of habit – Did you form a new habit this year?  Or continue with an old one?  Is it a good habit?  Or one you’d like to break?

I stopped eating a daily bowl of ice cream this year.  I’ve been eating ice cream every night pretty much since I was able to eat solid foods as a baby.  My daily bowl if ice cream was a shared ritual that I had with my Dad.  Even though I don’t see or hear from my dad anymore, I am fairly certain he enjoys a bowl of ice cream every night still.

I took a temporary hiatus in 2013 when I went on the Les Mills 21-day Challenge Diet.  Which mimics a paleo diet, but takes it to the extreme by disallowing sugar substitutes, fruits and high glycemic vegetables.  Egad.  It was awful.  I made it 19 out of the 21 days.  I wrote about it as my very first blog posts on this site.

I did find out during that 19 day period that I will not die if I don’t eat ice cream.

This past year, I came across some literature that helped me understand the link between dairy products and endometriosis and eczema.  Both of which I suffer from.  My 19 dairy free days wasn’t long enough to recognize these benefits, but armed with knowledge, I decided to drastically cut back.  Not eliminate.  Elimination doesn’t work for me.  The reverse psychology of an elimination situation is a force to be reckoned with.  I don’t even attempt that.

My non-negotiable dairy item is half and half.  I like a splash in my coffee.  OK, all of my coffees.  But, I can live without ice cream- tried and true.  My endometriosis still bothers me but it is far less severe, and my eczema has all but gone away.  I ate pizza last week and the cheese caused a minor break out – but it was well worth it.  I just have to choose my battles.

I find that I don’t miss my ice cream habit.  It was like a comfort blanket.  A reminder of my dad.  The reverse psychology of that elimination situation is still haunting me…



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