Weekly Digest // Nothing in particular

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First big snow of the season = today.  YAY.  This is me right now:

Fireplace relaxing

I’ve been in planning mode for the last week.  Not crazy I must stick perfectly to a plan or the world will end goal setting.  But, a rough look at what I want to do, what I can do, what I could do…

We had a post about goals in #reverb14.  But honestly, I hadn’t really had time to think about what I wanted to do.  And I love leaving the door open for anything, so boxing myself into a tidy I MUST corner is not my friend.

Generally, I would like to:

* Drink more water

* Eat less sugar – even 5% less I would accept as a success

* Take more GRITand lift more in general

* Get consistent with writing – I think a map of what to write/when thought out ahead of time would help me so I’m not so aimless in my blogging

* Read more – fiction to stir my creativity, nonfiction to learn about things that interest me

* Learn more – specifically about health, wellness, the psychology behind dieting, the human response to energy input (eating and motivation factors) and usage (physical output but also mental exhaustion).

Cheers to a great year!  December in review coming up next. xo


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