Developing Your Personal Manifesto

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KayShay Code

I have been thinking for many years about the things that matter the most to me.  The thoughts and behaviors that have served me well and the ones that didn’t and I want to change for the better.  Life is a practice.  Every day is a new chance, maybe even every moment.  This year, on the blog I’m adding a segment called the KayShay Code.  My own personal code of conduct.

I hope through my writing I can develop these rules into themes for my life.  And, you can take them with you too.  Or leave them.  We can think about how to be better.  To ourselves.  To others.  Come with me and develop your own personal manifesto of life.  Each post will be one rule.  And along with it the thoughts on how it came about, how it can be carried out, its caveats, its benefits, its consequences, its barriers to implementation.  Share with me how you feel about the code as it develops.  Whether you would have it in your own manifesto, how you would change it to make it your own, or why you would leave it out.

This was a wedding gift from G, who knows I love these manifesto sayings.  It was my favorite wedding gift of everything we got, and it is hanging prominently in our family room.

Wedding gift


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