Weekly Digest // December 2014 In Review

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I love December.  Every year.  I love Christmas, the holidays, decorating, cookie baking, spending time with family and friends, sometimes celebrating a belated post-Thanksgiving birthday once all of my peeps come back into town, having some down time from work, etc.  That song is right…  It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

My new as of 2013 December thing to do is Project Reverb which is a prompt per day blogging challenge.  It forces me to write every day.  It forces me to think fast!  It sometimes even forces me to think about things I would rather not think about but end up being cathartic and heart-shifting.  So, I have enjoyed it very much.  It is a reflection on the past year and a projection for future intentions.  But, that leaves you with little update on what actually happened during the month!

So the day after Thanksgiving I celebrated by birthday.  I love birthdays.  I’m not just saying that because I’m under whatever age you think is old– I think I will love birthdays even when I’m 90 should I be lucky enough to make it that long.  But, since my birthday always falls on/around Thanksgiving none of my friends are around to celebrate with me.  So, it is typically belated, and this year we dressed ourselves up, went out for eats and then saw The Legwarmers.  Olivia Newton John, Cyndi Lauper, and Madonna Paris edition shown here.

Legwarmers Bday2

My favorite get of the year was the pink tutu.  May I continue to don this amazing clothing item for all of 2015!!

In less fun news, G had surgery on her hip.  Ouch.  3 days before Christmas.  Double ouch.  But, it turns out right before a major holiday is the perfect time to have surgery.  Work is quiet, you have built in time off, and the party can come to you.  No structural damage was found and the cause of inflammation removed so she is on her way to being brand spankin new in a few months!  In the meantime, we hosted Christmas at our house.  G’s mom, brother, and his new fiancee came over for brunch followed by gifts followed by going to the movies and Chinese food for dinner.  Perfection.

My tree is seriously the prettiest, right?  When I retire from my mathy job I’m going to be a Christmas decorating consultant/Etsy paper flower shop owner.

Home Christmas inside

Onward, G is healing nicely from her surgery and I’m recovering nicely from all of 2014 by doing lots of sleeping in, napping, and becoming totally crack addicted to Netflix.  We watched 3 seasons of Scandal in 6 days.  I’m almost not proud of that.  The good news is that neither of us gained weight over the holidays because after eating like crazy on Thanksgiving/Birthday/Christmas, we starved while we watched Scandal because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the TV long enough to scrounge up a meal.  Pathetic.  Meanwhile, Levi was content to have 30+ hours of couch time.

We are currently suffering from withdrawal, contemplate paying extra money for Season 4 at least once per day rather than wait for it to become available, and every other TV show we watch seems really sloooooow and boring.  I think that show made me smarter!!  It’s so fast paced I had to have more brain neurons firing to process the dialog and subplots.  Is anyone else with me on this??

New Year’s Eve, we came out of our Netflix coma to actually go into DC and celebrate with a few of our besties.  CHEERS!!!



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