Springtime in Review // Cabo, Florida, and Other Tales

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Whaaat? It’s MAY tomorrow?? I had a little writing hiatus while we traveled, frolicked, and generally had completely unforgettable experiences in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Miami and Key West, Florida. Go on… be jealous.

The reality is that travel is seriously draining. It’s amazing racking up these experiences and taking cool pictures of the way you desire to remember it, but I’ve already blocked out the majority of the nightmare that was getting out of DC during the nastiest snow storm of the year while desperately clinging to hope that we would leave the East Coast in time to make it to Mexico for any worthwhile amount of time. O said that if we got even 12 minutes of sunshine she would be happy. So, we coined a new hashtag and kept our humor intact.

It took nearly the full 2 days that we had left of our trip to unwind from the anxiety of getting there. However, Mexico is absolutely lovely and it was quite a unique trip for me because even though I had been to Cabo before (when I was 16 years old and hated it because my parents made me go… gosh I was so ungrateful) usually trips to beaches for me involve primarily books and sand but this trip was really focused more on exploring and experiences.

For example, we took long walks on the beach and did some of the hotel organized group exercise classes like BOGA- beach yoga, and Beach boot camp. Of course! Group X fanatics that we are. And while we were strolling or sprinting or down dogging or throwing medicine balls, there were pelicans diving into the water right in front of us and gray whales breaching out of the water less than 50 feet from the water’s edge. I felt so grateful for that experience. And to be there with my love and some of the best girlfriends a girl could ever ask for.

Cabo Workouts

And, of course, there were the enormous drinks (where I learned a little too well how great Pepcid AC is for resolving the Asian flush issue), all you can eat resort meals, a fantastic first time paddle boarding experience for us all, late night dancing at a club with stupid little wannabe thieves (don’t worry, Stacie implemented some BodyCombat ascending elbows to knock the bitch over, a proud moment for O, who is her trainer… and we never even stopped dancing), and spa massages to make it classic stay in the great country of Mexico. Entonces!! #12minutesofsunshine

After coming back and feeling jet lagged for a week- thanks daylight savings time change in addition to the normal west coast/east coast swing – we had just enough time to de-bloat, regroup, repack, and head down to Miami for the wedding. I just love weddings. It’s one of very few events in your life where all of the people you love and who love you come together all at one time, from all over the world and from all walks of life in one place to celebrate love.

Os Wedding

I gave my speech about family, which I feel so strongly about. The choice of being in it or not being in it. The responsibility we have to create and maintain connections that will support and enrich the newlyweds. It was a proud moment when I held it together and didn’t cry too much. The makeup artist told me after all that my whole face would be ruined otherwise. That’s a lot of pressure, you know? And I spent the trip to Miami and the evening of the wedding making new connections and strengthening existing ones. I really miss all of those wonderful people!

The day after the wedding, G and I hopped into our convertible and headed down to Key West for our own mini-moon, a quick trip planned in lieu of our original honeymoon which is postponed until later this year. It was gorgeous every single day. We rented bikes and rode all over the island- day and night. G was fascinated by the roosters and birds of all kinds, really. I turned my dislike of key lime pie into a love for key lime Everything including but not limited to pie, peanuts, cookies, barbeque sauce and body lotion. We went paddle boarding again as part of an eco-tour and never fell in once! And caught up on some much needed sleep and quality time at our amazing hotel, The Marker. Highly recommended!

Key West Blue Heaven

There are very few places that I visit on vacation and would be willing to go again and again. After all, there are so many amazing places to see in this world, why would you ever want to go somewhere more than once? But, Miami, having been there probably 10 times, and now Key West are definitely places that I will go back to.

Key West Sunset

Aside from travels, another noteworthy occasion for April was my brother’s visit back to The States to get his more permanent visa to stay in the UK with his wife and kids. Since the complete (and final) fall out with our parents last summer, my brother and I haven’t had a lot of time together and it felt so good to have him here and for him to just be part of everyday life- having meals together, going to the gym together, running errands together, completing some house projects with his help, and having him around to fix little things like the garage door and my low car oil situation. It made me realize how much I missed him and kind of brought back a little bit of my remembrance of what it is like (or should be like- it’s quite possible given my history that my memory about family is quite romanticized) to have family around.

Of course, I have family around all the time – G and Levi, her family, and all of our chosen family. I’m not in any way discounting that or feeling ungrateful for that. But there is something different about someone who has known you and loved you from before your memories begin. Someone who came from the same place and understands you in a way that is effortless because there isn’t anything extra to comprehend when you think and express the same way. It feels nearly telepathic. Sometimes I wonder… is this what twins feel like?

So you can imagine when his visa came through and I had to say goodbye last weekend after almost 3 weeks of his company, I was really sad to see him go. Saying goodbye (even when I know it’s temporary, until next time) has never been easy for me. But, as I cried to and told G, there are only a few people on this planet that I really deeply love and feel connected to. And he is one of those people. He’s only a skype call away, but as we both are naturally nonverbal connectors, my heart is hurting from the proximity of his presence.

Kevin and me


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