Throwback Wednesday

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I won’t be in the habit of posting daily, lest I stress myself out.  But, in the spirit of all things Timehop, I was rather surprised to tap in today to see that it’s been a year since I went outside my comfort zone and engaged voice-on-voice (gasp) with my good friend Sarah Bagley for her podcast series on overcoming perfectionism.

A year!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since we had coffee in my kitchen nook and talked about how we met, the love we share for group fitness, perfectionism, confidence, and the crux of the conversation– living your life for you and no one else.  For anyone who is new to my story or hasn’t heard this before, here is a re-link.  If you have 28 minutes with nothing else better to do, or multitask like a champ, log in and give it a listen.  Then see all the other great podcasts that Sarah has done before mine and since!  She has been hugely successful with this podcast and I’m so proud of her.

XO ~KayShay


#reverb15 // Spring Favorites

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The month of March has just left me in a heap of exhaustion.  I’ll get back to that later with March In Review: Cabo and Other Tales.  But in the meantime, I’m supposed to be writing about spring favorites.  I’m so ready for spring.  We had a hot warm second of reasonable weather and now mother nature has said “April fools!!  It’s still going to be winter forever.  Mwahahaha”

I think spring is a tad overrated.  We are all so desperate for a change in the season we’re willing to accept all of the awful allergens, stripping off the sweats to reveal blindingly pale not-quite-ready-for-prime-time bodies, and the loss of the most precious hour of sleep the whole year as to offer.

What a glowing endorsement for spring!

I kid.  sort of.

My spring favorites are the yangs to all of those yins.  My allergies suck big time.  But I love leaves on the trees and my azaleas blooming in front of the house.  My thighs are not my favorite feature right now, but I love the extra motivation to eat right and lift more weights to bring me out of my winter cardio coma.  And, I’m pretty sure mother nature’s weather shun is the perfect platform to continue this tights-to-the-ankle trend just a little while longer while I sort myself out.  Small blessings.  And of course, we all suffer on daylight savings time weekend and feel jet lagged for a week or more, but the sun going down after 7 pm is The Best mood booster.  I love sunshine!!!  And in that spirit, we are off to Florida for the first wedding of the year and a stop over in Key West for some alone time.  Oh la la.  I’m beside myself, I can’t wait.

G and I don’t spring clean per say.  We basically keep our cottage tidy and ready for a Best Homes and Gardens photo shoot at any moment.  And between her need for shiny floors and my love for throwing things away, we don’t ever find ourselves candidates for a Hoarders episode.  This year, we are looking into insulating our crawl space better — thanks, pipes in the master bathroom freezing up during that solid week of below 20’s weather, for letting us know you needed some help — and getting our sump pump drainage routed out and away from the house.  The random stuff you have to sort out when you own a home is endless and boring and unfortunately expensive, but so necessary.  Yawn.

I’m excited to show you guys our basement transformation!!!  Stay tuned for March In Review, I will post pics!  Happy sunshine dwelling!  XO ~KayShay