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Day 6 – Money – Where did you spend your money this year?

I’ll give you just one guess.

Of course, the wedding.  The single largest purchase of the year, the evening of, with a bill 5 digits in length.  Fortunately, we knew our crowd were heavy drinkers and saved all year.  So, we didn’t actually spend our money on getting married, we spent it on alcohol.  And it was the best money I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend.  American Express was also very pleased.

Easily the biggest and most important party our lives, we wanted to be smart and save money where it made sense, and spend money where it would make the most impact to us and our guests’ experience.  The most important elements to us?  The food and drink.  The entertainment.  The ambiance.  And our one shot to remember the whole thing…  The Photographers.  Everything else…  who cares?


How did we save?  G and I didn’t care about designer gear- we both found really good bargains on our dresses.  I found mine on accident while googling one shoulder feathered evening gown.  And the dress, by Sue Wong, came up on Ideeli, a flash sale sight that was selling it that day only for $319.  SOLD.  And it fit like it was made just for me.  G’s dress is typically a bridesmaid’s special, by Two Birds, and we dressed it up with a gorgeous bridal sash for some sparkle.  Both of our dresses together were less than the typical single pair of bridal shoes.


So let’s talk about the shoes.  With a floor length gown, I was seriously considering wearing my nike frees.  No one was going to see anyways.  OK maybe while I was dancing and kicking my feet out at odd angles like Elaine from Seinfeld.  So I opted for the gold version of the flip flops that I wear all summer long – Havaianas.  $26.  And my feet felt amazing from the moment I woke up in my plush white bed until I collapsed back into it at zero dark AM.

My confidence was so high about the comfort of my havaianas that they became one of our wedding favors.  We found them being sold at Costco and bought in bulk – more than 40 pairs for all the ladies (and perhaps some gentlemen, no one is judging) in various sizes.  And all night long we heard about how amazing it was to take icky uncomfortable heels off and dance with flip flops on.0363



Weekly Digest // October in Review

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Photojournal de October.

You all don’t know that I was anti-fall before I met G.  Nevermind why that was the case, but I am way INTO fall now, and it’s nice to have a happy heart for those three extra months out of the year.  Life is short, you know?  G has opened my eyes up to everything colorful, and I would say that fall is the best time to appreciate such a thing.  We enjoyed many almond-milk pumpkin lattes at Peets, took walks with Levi around the hood and appreciated the changing foliage and interesting/cute/quirky fall decorations on houses, tried out some new pumpkin inspired recipes, and of course dressed up our own cottage for the occasion!  It was my second year carving pumpkins and first year as a mum-displayer.  I LOVE FALL!!

Aside from the chaos of my work schedule with a huge proposal being submitted on Halloween day, I took as much time as possible to appreciate the season and make time for my family.

Levi hangs out with me, even when I’m a total grouch.


To blow off some major steam mid-proposal, we went with some friends to the Adventure Park at Harpers Ferry for a day of fun in the treetops!

Arial Adventure Park Arial Adventure Park Group

G took me to Cox Farms to pick some pumpkins!  And gourds.  And corn.  And scarecrows.  And caramel popcorn.  And hell she just went along with whatever my heart desired.

Cox Farms

And then gave me carte blanche to decorate our house with all of our Cox Farms loot.

Fall Decor Fall Decor House Pumpkin Kitty Pumpkin Emoji Halloween Decor

Big H joined me for a super fun RPM trick or treat ride complete with costume.

Trick or Treat RPM

And once my proposal was done, I treated Levi to some super long walks and a pair of super fuzzy legwarmers to relax in.

Fall Walks Legwarmers