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I love a good staycation.  It’s not sexy or usually worth exclaiming to every person you encounter how amazing or beautiful it was.  You probably won’t take eleventy billion pictures of cool scenery or selfies or food.  But, while experiencing the world is a very worthwhile and exciting goal, taking care of yourself is even more important.

When I go on vacation, I typically pack every day with activities, places to go, local workouts to try, restaurants to experience… and at the end of each day, I feel fulfilled with the sights and memories, but collapse in a heap completely exhausted and hoping to get enough sleep so that I can do it all again the next day!

Case in point: New Orleans.  We just got back last week.  Day 1 and 2 were for a Les Mills fitness convention, so we basically worked out for 2 days straight.  When we weren’t working out, we were socializing with our favorite fitness fanatics, attending education sessions, and refueling.  The evening of Day 2 was the start of our bachelorette party weekend, which we had several friends stay after the fitness event and a few flew in from out of town for.  We went to a burlesque show, ate lots of amazing food, partied on Bourbon St, sampled 3 different beignet places, walked all over, trolleyed all over, picture took all over, watched the US vs Portugal of course, and when G and I finally boarded our flight to come home, we were nearly sick with exhaustion.  Actually, we were sick, but it was from head colds.

When I get home from a vacation, all I want to do is recover.  And, I think it’s pretty bad when you get sick, but you’re kinda happy because you have a legitimate reason to continue to take some much needed time from work or house chores or whatever is nagging at you.  So we proceeded to staycation (somewhat) for the rest of the week through this weekend to recover from our vacation colds.

Staycations, for us, are the epitome of relaxation.  No beach needed.  We have all the luxury and convenience of our house, our A/C, our bed, our Levi, our workouts (if we choose to still do them).  But with the added benefit of eating clean (for the most part) and no social responsibilities.  We are definitely home bodies.  Who also like to explore the world on occasion.  But I certainly don’t prioritize vacationing over staycationing.  They both have their happy place in my heart.

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