The First Reckoning Is Always The Awkwardest

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Hi there world!

I’m not here to start a revolutionary blog that will change the face of the internet and millions of people’s lives.  Definitely not my style.  I would rather quietly offer my humble thoughts to whomever drifts along – mostly family and friends who are wondering what the heck I’m up to.

Usually, what I’m up to is nothing special at all, but I have recently gone through an unusual experience (for me)… a diet.  The Les Mills 21-day Challenge Diet, to be specific.  I searched high and low trying to find someone’s account of this diet, day by day, so that I would know what to expect, feel like I could relate in a real way to someone else who had done this, but there was nothing!  I realize everyone is different, and what I have experienced will absolutely not be the case for others.  But the one thing that will be the same for everyone: the struggle.  If you are trying this diet out, you will struggle.  Even the strong-willed skinny bitches of the universe will struggle.

I’ll have a series of posts that details each day of the diet I did and my Reckonings from each day.  But first, I think it be helpful to put into context who I am and why I did this to myself.  I’m a fit thirty something year old girlie girl who loves teaching group fitness classes at my local gym clubs to my local gym peeps.  I have a beautiful house, a loving girlfriend and life partner, and a faithful dog.  I am a confident and generally happy person.  I have a healthy relationship with food, and am one of the fortunate ones who loses their appetite when I get stressed (don’t diss me now, jellies) but am madly in love with sugar of all forms.  Syrups, granules, natural, artificial, hot, cold, home-made, store-bought, you name it.  I don’t discriminate.  I can’t eat anything during the day (or night) without craving a hit of sugar afterwards.  I know that it makes me crash and burn in the afternoons, I know it’s not good for me, I know I should be choosing foods of nutritional value to put into my body to fuel my workouts and my life instead.  So, the diet is supposed to be a reset button.  We. Shall. See!

Another reason for my undertaking would be because of my need to be able to deliver testimonial.  There are so many people trying diets, like some kind of 7 day juice detox, or even something similar to this 21-ay diet, like South Beach or Sugar Detox.  As a fitness professional, I feel like I owe it to my members who ask “What works?”, “Have you tried…”, “What do you recommend?” to be able to say something more sophisticated than “Eat more vegetables and lean protein”.  We all know this already, yes???  As a loyal brand follower of Les Mills, who has put a ton of research into this diet and has proven results, I figured it would be a good place to start.  And, since what I sought was an account of this diet but could not find it, I give you…  The 21-day Les Mills Challenge Diet: The KSab Account.  Stay tuned…