The Les Mills 21-Day Challenge Diet: Days 0-3

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Day 0 (Sunday)- In preparation for being able to eat, well…nothing, I celebrated my last days of carbs and sugar with a dinner at Glory Days complete with onion rings, French fries, a bacon cheeseburger, and at least a half a bottle of ketchup.  Upon return to the house, I also had an entire vanilla cupcake and made it a la mode for good measure.  I felt GREAT.  Slept like a baby.  Woke up the next day ready to take on the world.  Or at least this diet.

Day 1 (Monday)– Loaded up with the appropriate foods proportioned to each meal and a schedule to follow.  I am surprisingly not hungry between meals, just constantly thinking about when the next one will be.  Counting down the minutes until I can have more… meat and veggies.  I have to force myself to think about water consumption and successfully drink my 2L while at work, albeit peeing at least once an hour.  Teaching my spin class at 6:30pm wasn’t too hard as I believe I am still benefitting from the amazing intake of fat and carbs from yesterday.  Last meal when I got home after class was a bit later than I’d like, but it kept my belly satisfied the rest of the evening and through the night.

Day 2 (Tuesday)- I had the unfortunate, and perhaps ironic, opportunity to teach my alternating (but only once monthly) BodyAttack class at Ballston this morning.  Honestly, if I were going to teach BodyAttack only one time per month couldn’t it have been on the 7 days of the month that aren’t diet days?  I had signed up for this week to teach long ago, so I digress… class was surprisingly OK, I did not feel the effects of the diet from Monday while teaching except a little more tired than usual at 6am.  The protein shake which tasted pretty foul on Monday was a welcome meal post-workout and tasted a lot less awful.  Again with the all-day counting down to the next meal, really thinking about sugar and wanting something sweet.  Gum, even!  But can’t have gum because sweeteners aren’t allowed.  Nothing that tastes sweet is allowed.  UGH.  Starting to feel resentful.  And my legs are sore from BodyAttack this morning which means I am not recovering from my workout like I typically would.  Last meal at 7pm which satisfied me until I went to bed (at 9) and then I tossed and turned half the night because I was too hungry to sleep.

Day 3 (Wednesday)- 6am RPM class was rough due to not only my depletion due to the diet but also having a very questionable night of sleep.  At the end of the first hill climb (T3, about 18 minutes in) I became dizzy and light-headed.  Fortunately, no blackouts and I pulled myself together for the rest of the class.  The post-workout shake is my savior.  I worked from home today, but still had all of my meals packed and planned ahead of time so no deviating.  It was really hard not being at the office though.  Those M&Ms hidden in the laundry closet are taunting me.  I don’t give in though because, well… I don’t like the fact that M&Ms taunt me.  Why do I need them so much??  Just forget about them already!  I am taking notice today that my need to eat sweets isn’t 100% connected to an “addictive state”; it’s sometimes just a way for me to get the chicken/fish/foodie taste out of my mouth.  Water works for about five seconds.  Fortunately, at home I can brush my teeth often.  Will have to figure a way to do so at work too- maybe mouth wash?  If it has sugar in it, but I spit it out that doesn’t count right?  Listen to me, I’m an eating disorder in the making!  This thought leads me into doubting the diet.  I have never had an eating disorder or an unhealthy relationship with food.  So now going on this diet is clouding my mind with thoughts of how I can get away with eating what I want without actually eating what I want.  Hmmm… another rough night of sleep ensues.